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The Kensington Rattan Sofa Set-

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The Kensington Rattan Sofa Set Grey

The Kensington Rattan Sofa Set Grey

Enjoy the summer days and nights with this luxury stylish rattan furniture patio set. Perfect for..


The Windsor Rattan Sofa Set

The Windsor Rattan Sofa Set

Enjoy the summer days and nights with The Windsor luxury stylish rattan furniture patio set. Perf..


The Camden Rattan Sofa Set

The Camden Rattan Sofa Set

Enjoy the summer days and nights with this stylish rattan furniture patio set. Perfect for relaxi..


Kensington Rattan Sofa Set Protective Cover

Kensington Rattan Sofa Set Protective Cover

Protective Cover  for the Kensington Rattan Sofa Set which is also suitable for the Camden S..



Rattan Sofa Sets - Durable and strong, rattan furniture items make beautiful additions to the garden.

With tables, chairs and even luxuray rattan sofas to suitable for a wide range of outdoor spaces,.

Rattan Sofa Sets Cheap - Our range of metal and wooden topped rattan garden furniture sets are modern, unique

and  always luxuray quality. We guarantee a sofa set that suits your needs and price point.

Rattan Garden Sofa Sets - Natural rattan sofa seats are full of the beauty of nature. Rattan furniture always 

reflects the beautiful and fresh look a peice of garden furniture should have. 

All Weather Rattan Sofa - Rattan furniture is best suited for the outdoors because it looks natural and is 

lightweight. In fact, rattan sofas are well known for gracing patios, gardens and balconies because of their 

rustic facade that makes these pieces feel right at home in any garden and any weather.

Patio Sofa Set - Rattan furniture has gained its popularity as patio furniture because of a number of reasons.

First and foremost, wicker furniture is durable. This is so because rattan is filled with fibers that run though

its vine. These fibers add to the strength of rattan making is perfect for a patio sofe because it is so durable and long lasting.

Rattan Corner Sofa Sets - Our luxurious multi-piece modular Rattan corner sofa sets can be positioned in 

numerous arrangements to suit your mood, style or general garden design and layout.

If you’re looking into upgrading the look of your garden, a rattan set might just do the trick. These sleek pieces are quite resilient and sturdy enough for people to sit on. These are just a few of what you can expect upon picking a set for your area:

With the creativity of outdoor designers, the rattan set has been conceptualized to accent the backyard or your lawns. It would be a great addition to the lush, green grass of your landscape or perhaps an elevated platform, which is used for unwinding.

Going on a rustic route is a rising trend these days due to their fuss free and practical uses. This is precisely what a rattan sofa set can achieve.

Weather Resistant, No Need for Clean Ups

As you choose your rattan set, you will find how waterproof the cushions could be. This means should it rain hard in your area, you will no longer need to quickly run off to the backyard and get the cushions to a dry place. You can just leave them out until the rain stops.

When the sun would shine brightly again, you will then find the cushions dried off without needing to be placed on the dryer. You can literally leave out your rattan sofa set, and be assured of how they will be dry once the rain stops.


They’re Great Accents for Backyard Activities

If you have a couple of friends around, a rattan set would be useful accents. You can simply place some centre piece vases or flowers, and you will have another design spot for your visitors to appreciate.

A rattan sofa set should also be a fun addition to beer drinking sessions and barbecue Sundays. Since they’re waterproof, and their cushions are stain proof, they would not cause problems for clean ups. The rattan set would certainly be a good addition to your backyard layout.


Easy to Carry Around for Re-Designs and Arrangements

If you’re the type of homeowner who likes to frequently change things up, you would be happy to know how a rattan set would be lighter to carry around in comparison to the usual bulky couches. You would only need a few members of your family to help you out, and you can already re-lay out your backyard.

A rattan set actually weighs like a mono block; only it has more elaborate patterns, designs and details. You simply have to take out their cushions for easier transfer. 

These are just a few of the perks you can enjoy in designing your backyard with a rattan sofa set. Check out your design options and see which pieces would fit your garden today.

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