Beautiful Summer Designs

With summer just around the corner, people everywhere are looking to make their home and garden beautiful, to enjoy the long, hot summer days and cool, breezy nights. Thanks to London Rattan, luxurious decorations for your home and garden are easy to find, unique and affordable.

Planning on enjoying the summer sun on the patio? Browse the large selection of dining sets on London Rattan’s website! With many pricing options and styles, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love; something that’ll complement your house and garden; something that will bring out the beauty of summer.

The Rattan dining set is perfect for relaxing and catching up with friends and family alike, consisting of six stylish and comfortable chairs coloured a luscious dark brown and matching large, glass-topped dining table. Not to mention the creamy white cushions!


For a more intimate experience, the Kensington and Windsor sofa sets are excellent for entertaining small parties, or simply relaxing with the love of your life. Soak up the sun with Topez or Capri sun loungers; with these comfortable and stylish loungers, you’ll never want to leave until the sun goes down!


All of these sets accompany any garden design, whether it’s hard-stone patio, quaint wooden terrace or soft grass. And of course, the perfect addition to any of these garden sets is the Santorini Cantilever Parasol – a generous sun-shade manufactured to the highest standard and available in a choice of two colours, affluent cream or rich green, to match either the cushions of your London Rattan garden set or the greenery of your garden.


A flowering plant or three will look gorgeous with your new London Rattan garden set, so with that in mind, the 3-piece Kew Planter Set was designed. The contemporary but sturdy design is sure to bring out the colour and life of any plant it houses, and the planters themselves are a perfect companion to the garden sets.


So why wait? Enjoy summer today with the London Rattan garden sets and accessories; and then enjoy it over and over again!