Rattan and Wicker furniture can be a bit confusing to distinguish. Many people, including sales people who sell furniture tend to believe they are almost a like. Wicker and rattan furniture actually fall under the same category but there are many differences between the two. Rattan originated from Southeast Asia […]

Rattan & Wicker. What is the difference?

Your garden should be your beautiful little sanctuary, albeit a fashionable one. Just like in the world of fashion, gardens are not without their trends with the summer of 2015 seeing a few pleasant surprises. Blending the outside with the inside Up until recently, there was always a distinct difference […]

Garden Trends for Summer 2015

Summer may be months away, but the desire to plan the perfect summer party is present on our minds. Great parties take time to plan; lists have to be made, meals have to be planned and locations have to be set. Is your backyard summertime friendly? Do you have the […]

Summertime Fun – The Perfect Rattan Dining Set

Londonrattan Synthetic Rattan Furniture
Natural rattan is definitely a brilliant choice for your rattan garden furniture. It’s durable, comfortable, malleable and it looks great. There’s no wonder that it’s such a popular material for making fantastic furniture, for both indoors and out. And yet you may have noticed in recent years that there has […]

Synthetic rattan furniture: Just as good as natural

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Rattan furniture is great. It’s versatile, easy to clean and lightweight. On top of that it’s stylish, good looking and durable. With so many reasons to buy rattan garden furniture, it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular product. Of course, with such a popular product, you need a reliable, […]

Check out London Rattan’s great selection of rattan furniture

Raw Rattan
Popular You’re probably wondering why rattan furniture is so popular, and if you weren’t before, you are now. It actually goes back to the 19th century, when a lot of British families brought rattan furniture back from tropical and Asian countries where they had been living. Traditionally, rattan furniture had […]

Rattan: Not Just For Furniture

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If you’re a regular reader of our blog; firstly, hello regular reader, and secondly, you probably already know that rattan furniture is amazingly durable and versatile. This makes it great for being used as garden or patio furniture, but did you know that it’s just as good when you bring […]

Rattan furniture: Not just for outdoors!

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People often use the terms ‘wicker’ and ‘rattan’ interchangeably to describe the garden furniture that you find both outdoors and inside, especially during summer. Lots of people, even some of those who sell the furniture, believe that rattan and wicker are basically the same thing. In actual fact, while both […]

How Are Wicker and Rattan Furniture Different?

Synthetic Rattan Furniture from Londonrattan
We’ve previously spoken about all the benefits of buying rattan furniture: it’s stylish, durable and comfortable. It’s no surprise, therefore, that more and more people are buying outdoor wicker furniture, and rattan in particular. So if you’re looking to add to your furniture collection with some great quality rattan furniture […]

What to look out for when you buy rattan garden ...

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We’ve previously told you some of the best methods for cleaning rattan furniture, both generally and against specific types of dirt, as well as how to repair your rattan garden furniture if it gets damaged. Here we’ll tell you how to take care of rattan furniture to protect it against […]

How should I look after my Rattan furniture? – Part ...

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Last week we talked about basic cleaning methods for your rattan garden furniture. This week, we’ll be teaching you some cleaning methods for more specific problems, as well as giving you some tips on how to repair your rattan furniture to extend its already impressive durability. Cleaning stains and mildew […]

How should I look after my Rattan Furniture? – Part ...

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Rattan garden furniture is extremely durable, as we’ve mentioned before, but it still needs cleaning from time to time. How you clean it will depend on a few things, including what type of rattan furniture you have, the season and just general things, like where in your garden it’s located. […]

How should I look after my Rattan furniture? – Part ...