Garden Trends for Summer 2015

Your garden should be your beautiful little sanctuary, albeit a fashionable one. Just like in the world of fashion, gardens are not without their trends with the summer of 2015 seeing a few pleasant surprises.

Blending the outside with the inside

Up until recently, there was always a distinct difference between the way we treat the outside and the way we treat the inside of our homes. While the inside had structure, form and designated rooms, the outside was just sort of treated as the, well, everything else that doesn’t come under the roof, part of the house. This is changing; 2015 sees the continuation and drastic increase the gardening movement which aims to treat the garden as if it were indoors.

Garden rooms

Just as every room inside the house has its own character, theme, décor and purpose, so should different parts of the garden. Some garden rooms are complete with their own set of furnishings and décor.

Some rooms may be designated for planting vegetables, which many prefer to keep separate from the flowers. Some may be more structured and manicured, while some more free-flowing and lush. This not only gives you room to experiment with different themes without ruining the look of the garden, but creates areas of privacy and special interest.

One such example is an outside living room, complete with serving area and furniture. Rattan is especially suitable and attractive in a Garden setting. London Rattan specialises in all types of Rattan furniture for the outside, as well as creating the outdoor, earthy look, indoors.

Creating flow within the garden

As the garden starts to become more accepted as part of the home, instead of an added extra, often people want to start making the inside look more like the outside; after-all , what better place to be than the great outdoors-in your own home?