Rattan furniture: Not just for outdoors!

If you’re a regular reader of our blog; firstly, hello regular reader, and secondly, you probably already know that rattan furniture is amazingly durable and versatile. This makes it great for being used as garden or patio furniture, but did you know that it’s just as good when you bring it indoors?

That’s right, whether it’s a nice indoor rattan sofa for your living room, some nice rattan chairs for your conservatory, or if you just want to have a funky indoor rattan décor style, you’ll be happy you chose rattan furniture.

We’ve already covered some of the benefits of rattan garden furniture, but they take on a whole new aspect when you bring those sets inside!

Rattan furniture is lightweight!

Anyone who’s ever tried to lug a regular sofa around knows that it’s a massive pain. Sometimes quite literally. Thankfully, rattan furniture is light and very easy to move when you want to. This means that it’s easy to just bring in your outdoor rattan furniture when you want to, which is perfect if you have company around, or even if you just want some extra, comfortable seating somewhere in your house (try moving a sofa upstairs on a whim). Its ability to be easily moved also means that cleaning around and under rattan furniture is a breeze. No more long vacuum nozzles and contortions!

Cleanliness is comfiness

We’ve covered this one in plenty of detail before, but rattan furniture, whether it’s garden rattan furniture or indoors, is extremely easy to clean. Most of the time, a good old dust and a wipe are all it needs, though on rare occasions it may need a slightly more thorough wash, but you can get all the details here. Because wicker furniture in general (and rattan furniture especially) is very resilient to dirt and grime, it makes them excellently suited to being in houses with children and pets. Your kids can jump around on the furniture as much as they want when you’re not looking (you know they will), and your pets can curl up on the sofa without you worrying about any lingering smells, because rattan doesn’t retain smells like conventional fabrics (the cushions, of course, are potentially a different story).

Décor that you adore!

Rattan is rather stylish, and goes well with just about any interior design. The only thing you’d have to consider would be the colours and style of the cushions on your rattan chairs. Since the furniture is so lightweight, it’s easy to rearrange your room’s layout whenever you want, so it makes a great compliment to your other furniture, or even as the main furniture in a room all by itself! We’ll be offering some décor and interior design ideas in future blogs, so keep your eyes open for those!

Richmond Rattan Indoor Furniture

Our Richmond seating set is great for both indoors and out!

Almost all of the advantages that outdoor rattan furniture has also apply when it is indoors. It’s durable, resilient, versatile, comfortable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, all while being a very reasonable price. If you’re interested in picking up some stylish, comfortable and great value rattan furniture, head on over to www.londonrattan.co.uk