The benefits of Rattan Garden Furniture

A beautifully furnished garden or patio is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on visitors. That being said, choosing the right kind of furniture to place on your garden is vital. Of the many furniture choices available, rattan furniture is without doubt the best kind of furniture to use outdoors. To understand why rattan furniture is the best kind of garden furniture for your home, it is important to consider its many benefits.

The number one benefit of rattan is that it is a cost effective alternative to wooden furniture. Rattan furniture costs less than wooden furniture, but is as durable as wood. Therefore, rattan is the perfect blend of affordability and durability. In addition, contrary to popular belief, rattan can be painted; which means that you have a wide selection of designs and colours to choose from.


Compared to other furniture types, rattan furniture is light-weight, which makes it easy to reorganize. Moreover, despite it being a lightweight material, rattan is as solid and stable as other materials and does not get toppled during windy seasons.

Most garden furniture pieces require frequent maintenance due to them being exposed to the extremities of nature. Compared to other natural materials that require oil treatments and other types of preservatives, rattan furniture can go for months with the most minimal of maintenance.


Garden furniture pieces are more prone to human caused damage than indoor furniture. This is because of the rough environment that garden furniture pieces have to endure. Rattan garden furniture pieces, due to them being lightweight, pose no threat to children who are accustomed to playing in the garden. Additionally, the furniture pieces can easily be moved to give room for playing and then returned to their original positions once the children are done playing.

Rattan furniture is the perfect way to make your garden an extension of your home.