Tips for Creating the Perfect Garden Deck

A garden deck can be a great place to relax with family and entertain friends. Most houses with a big enough space can have one installed easily. There are different materials for decking and the design possibilities are endless. The following are tips for creating the perfect garden deck without breaking the bank.

Think Outside of the Box

When we think of decks, we usually imagine straight lines and corners but curves can be more aesthetically appealing as well as a perfect match for the natural landscape of your garden and house. You do not have to flatten mounds or dig up the rocks in your garden; instead, you can have your builder create a deck to complement these. Aside from building according to the natural landscape, you can also make use of different layers to get from one place to another. When your garden is uneven, you do not have to fill in the discrepancy, instead, try to create a deck with a few niches or layers for a more private ambiance. The idea for building different stages is great for houses with a cliff feature or on a slope.

Convenient and Comfortable

Another tip for creating the perfect garden deck is to integrate some of the comfort and convenience that you have in your home into it. It is such a hassle to keep on going to and from your house to the deck for something that you need. One of the things that a deck might actually need to have is a washroom or a semblance of a washroom. You can have the deck outfitted with a small washroom where it is convenient so you and your guests do not have to go in and out of the house to wash your hands. A toilet may not be such a good idea since plumbing may present a big problem for the builders. Comfortable furniture is also a great way to make the deck experience relaxing. Stiff and hard chairs can be off putting and may not be the right seats for a relaxed deck. Lounge chairs and low tables can be a great addition for your perfect garden deck.

It’s the Little Touches

You can also add a touch of your personality into your deck. Add some potted plants, a small water fixture and fireplace where you can. These add a homely touch that creates a general ambiance of relaxation. They also break up an otherwise straight deck. A small garden with small plants can also be a great way to create some space and the illusion of a wider deck. The pots can be placed at corners to remove the sharp angles while a water fixture can be in the centre of the deck. The fireplace can be on one side or you can also use a deep pit to integrate some warmth on cold autumn nights. Add some chopped wood near your fireplace and a throw rug on the furniture for a really cosy look.

These are just some tips for creating the perfect garden deck. Let your imagination take the reins and think of other things to make the deck more comfortable and relaxed.